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KLEI local weekly programming for Hawaii Communities

Latitudes  A program that covers issues important to our Hispanic communities in the State of Hawaii.  Topics include PTDS, Alcohol, ICE, Divorce, Stress, Marriage, Nutrition, Childhood Obesity, Phobias, Child Abuse, Mexican Consulate, Teenage life, Zumba, Business ownership, ADHD, Allergies, Parenting, Schizophrenia, General Health, and visits to various community events and activities.  It should be noted those of Hispanic decent have played a big part in the early history of Hawaii.   From planting the first Pineapple plants to Paniolo cowboys brought into take care of the out of control cattle, the Hispanic community has a long and important history here in Hawaii!  Sun– 10:00am, Tue– 7:00am,  Mon &  Fri– 6:05pm

Truly Pinoy  In service to all Filipino communities of Hawaii, this 30-minute program highlights successful Filipino athletes, inspiring Filipino business owners,  discusses political issues, talks about health,  covers Filipino events across Hawaii, and everything that is Truly Pinoy.   Sun– 10:30am,    Tue– 7:30am,  Mon & Fri– 6:30pm

Native Ways  Is program designed to service both our Native Hawaiian and Native American communities of Hawaii and those that are Native at heart.  We cover Powwows on the Islands which is an  important part of bring Native American friends and families together.  Native Ways features programs on the Native Hawaiian culture and language.  Topics include health problems among our Native cultures and what it takes for them to live healthier, and we discuss the similarities of both cultures in our Native Ways.   Sun– 11:00am,    Mon – 7:00am,  Tue & Thu– 6:30pm

Talk Story Hawaii  Boy, do we like to talk story!  That’s why we go out of our way to visit events and happenings through out our communities to give you a chance to Talk Story Hawaii!  You never know what we’ll be talking story about next, there’s so much going on through out the Islands!   Sun– 11:30am,    Mon– 7:30am,  Tue & Thu– 6:05pm

“Healthy Hawaii”  This program that covers various health issues, including topics on how a person can stay healthy with the local diet, the effects of VOG statewide on health, the diabetes epidemic in Hawaii and other health issues. Viewers are encouraged to email the show (Healthy@klei.tv) with questions and topics they would like the show to cover.  Wed– 7:00am & 6:00pm, Thu– 7:00pm Sun– 1:00pm

“Education Matters”  School psychologist Kawena Begay talks with guests about a broad spectrum of childhood educational subjects. Subjects include the education system itself, various types of schooling options, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, and technology in the classroom. Viewers are encouraged to email (educate@klei.tv) the show with questions and topics they would like the show to cover.   Mon– 7:00pm, Fri– 7:30am & 7:00pm, Sun– 1:30pm

“Keiki 808” E/I  A local children’s program to education our children about different and interesting topics throughout Hawaii. We talk about science, education, culture, language, history and go to interesting places and do things of interest to children in an effort to help them learn about everything under the sun in a fun and playful manner.   Wed– 7:30am, Sat & Sun– 7:00am

“Olelo Hawai’i” A weekly program that teaches those interested in learning the Hawaiian language. Beginning with the basic Hawaiian sounds, the show continues to advance to simple and complex sentence structures as well as basic conversation.  Wed– 7:00pm,  Thu– 7:30pm

“Eye On Hawaii” A program that highlights upcoming events and happenings, in an effort to help promote local tourism throughout the Islands, an industry that is so economical important to the State of Hawaiiand local businesses. The program gives advance information on these upcoming events so as to allow people the time to make the necessary travel arrangements. We also follow up and highlight the various events and what went on for those unable to go. Viewers can submit their upcoming events statewide by email (events@klei.tv) to be shown on future shows or our community bulletin board aired throughout the day.  Tue– 7:00pm, Thu– 7:00am, Sun– 12:30pm

“The Mayor Report” Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi updates the community about current affairs of the County of Hawaii and what the County is doing to address certain issues.  Viewers are encouraged to email the Mayor (mayor@klei.tv) with questions they would like to have addressed on the program.  Wed– 6:30pm,  Fri– 7:00am

“Oahu Mayor’s Report”  We get a report from the Mayor of Hawaii’s largest city.   Sun– 2:00pm

“HNL City News”  Sun- 2:30pm

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